The #1 Referral Source You’re Neglecting

The talk of sales and marketing funnels may have finally reached a tipping point…and are now going down the drain!

I couldn’t be happier. Now, we get to focus on what really matters.


The problem with the funnel approach is that you have to keep pouring in at the top to get a little bit out of the bottom. What nobody tells you is that you’re leaking leads out of the...

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The Most Effective Marketing Tool Is Not What You Think

marketing sales Jun 04, 2019

If you're like most wedding pros you've put most of your eggs in one of four baskets:

1.    Social media

2.    Listings (eg. The Knot, Junebug Weddings, etc.)

3.    Networking (ie. Referrals)

4.    Website

These are all really important to get right – after all, their primary purpose is to drive interest in...

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Stop Yelling at Potential Buyers

Every year I talk with hundreds of wedding pros. They all tell me the same thing. You’ve probably heard it too. Maybe you’ve even said it to someone out loud. Chances are you’ve at least thought about it and even considered believing it.

What is it I hear over and over and over again?

Some version of, “I want to make more money.”

You’re right. But it’s...

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