The #1 Referral Source You’re Neglecting

The talk of sales and marketing funnels may have finally reached a tipping point…and are now going down the drain!

I couldn’t be happier. Now, we get to focus on what really matters.


The problem with the funnel approach is that you have to keep pouring in at the top to get a little bit out of the bottom. What nobody tells you is that you’re leaking leads out of the sides. So, you have to continually replenish with the even more interest – and you do that through more money spent on ads and listings.

I think the funnel is the biggest joke marketers are playing on businesses – and they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

Instead of this 100-year-old approach, most forward-thinking marketers and sales people are pushing the flywheel concept. Instead of a top-down approach to getting new leads like a funnel, the flywheel uses the energy already created by your current clients to generate more interest.

Here is a great 2-minute explanation of the concept from Hubspot.

In the wedding industry we all know how important referrals are. Get a client to cut through all the noise and point potential clients your way, and you’ll immediately build a foundation of trust with those new clients as deep as bedrock.

Here’s the thing: Your clients want to share how much they love you!

Humans are built to share good things – and bad – with other humans. It’s a survival skill to hear and follow successes – and dangers – others are sharing with us.

Give them something to talk about. Provide exceptional service at key points in the customer journey. Make a remarkable impact on your clients.

Get them to remark - to say something. Get them to do it online and in-person. Get them to do it early and often.

This month we’re going to explore more on how to do that, so you can use current clients’ inertia and enthusiasm to gain more for 2020.

Till next week, good luck with your inquiries.




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