Hope is NOT a Strategy

What is wrong?

Last year, Katy and I were talking about the challenges our clients were facing in their companies. I’d just gotten another call from a wedding pro who wanted to know if their pricing was the reason bookings were down.
I could tell them the answer right away:
Yes and no.
You’ve heard me say it over and again. The price you charge is the...

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Why Confidence Counts More Than Anything

business coaching covid-19 May 19, 2020

I’ve been here before
Does anyone else wonder if instead of Instagram it will be TikTok that’s a part of the new normal? Or will we go back to scrolling photos of amazing experiences and destinations instead of giggling over lip syncs?
You’re probably thinking, “What?! Sam’s writing about TikTok, now? Times really are crazy and the new normal is anything...

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How Does Your Story End?

covid-19 May 05, 2020

When I was 20 years old, I took a year off from college and rode my bicycle through Europe for four months. 
At least, that’s what I tell people now. 
But the story of what happened wasn’t so certain when I was in the middle of it.
College didn’t go according to plan
I began my freshman year at a top liberal arts university that recruited me to...

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False Beliefs About Websites

advice covid-19 learn website Apr 28, 2020

It’s pretty clear that COVID-19 is absolutely killing business in the events industry. You don’t need me to tell you leads have dried up and sales are slow right now. You see it in your inbox every day.


Couples aren’t booking, but they are looking

Online engagement is up up up over the past several weeks, since people are cooped up in their homes. Benchmark data from...

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How To Make Money With No Inquiries

Let’s be real. It’s rough out there. Postponements, negotiations, and cancellations are what’s coming in our inboxes rather than the inquiries we all want to see.

Remember those obnoxious, generic emails you used to get asking about pricing and availability, clearly copied and pasted from the 50 other vendors they emailed or BCC’d with you? You used to hate getting...

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