The 3 Big Problem Areas for Every Wedding Company

Are you in the wedding industry and not making the kind of money you want? Like I say, welcome to the club.

Today we’re going to talk about where you could be struggling. Forget everything you think you know about why you’re not happy with the results you’re getting. (If you’re that good, hit reply and join my team…I’m always interested in good talent.) Instead, start by going through your buyer’s experience from the beginning.

Are you getting enough leads?

First things first, you’ve got to attract couples to your brand if you want to book more business. Sales is really a numbers game. The more people that are aware of what you do for them the more likely you are to hit the kinds of numbers you want.

The goal of all marketing is to get visitors to your store. For you that’s likely your website.

So how are you doing? If you don’t know, go look. The measure is simple: Check how many new users you’ve got on your site each month. Go back as far as you can and record it each month. Easy-peasy.

Stop qualifying in bad ways

While we want more people on our site we also want to be sure we’re getting the right kind of people to inquire for more information.

Let me share a little secret with you…Asking visitors on your contact page what their budget is will drive even qualified buyers away. That’s like having an online dating profile and asking people to tell you how much they make. Tacky.

Stop doing that for sure. And stop doing other things that make it hard for site visitors to get what they need from you. I look at hundreds of wedding websites each year. Most make the same fatal mistakes:

  • Mostly photos and too-few words – your buyers want to read!

  • The words that are on the site tell people about you, where you like to travel, info about your family, and what you like to do with your free time

  • Long contact forms that ask questions couples don’t want to share or know the answers to

  • And here’s the real killer…Way too little information about a) how your clients benefit b) what you do and c) why that’s different than the last website they were on.

You see, your website isn’t good just because your mom or husband says “the ‘rebrand’ looks great!!” Want to know how many people don’t like your website? Take the number of new users from last month and subtract the number of inquiries you received. Ugh, I know.

But can you convert them?

The last area for improvement is the rare couple that makes it all the way through to your inbox. Think about it. You might get 100 people on your site/in your store, but only about 10 of them are going to actually ask you for any help. 

And when they do, you’re probably losing them before you get a chance to learn more about what they want from you. That’s because you’re responding to inquiries with:

  • Templated emails

  • Walls of text

  • Attaching non-phone-friendly PDFs with overwhelming amounts of information 

  • Pricing for generic packages you don’t know if they want and certainly without much value conveyed


Do something about what’s really at issue

If you’re like most pros I know, you’ve got problems in all three areas. Rather than chop up your energy and resources into all three areas at the same time, though, pick one and make that part of the buying experience amazing. 

Most people pick the first area (generating more leads) because it seems easy, is what everyone else is focused on, and you can usually pay someone to do it for you (eg. referrals, publications and social media).

However, you’re probably already getting enough of the right kinds of leads. You’re just messing up when it matters most.


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