5 Questions to Get Transformational Testimonials

referrals sales Aug 27, 2019

We all know testimonials are super important to potential clients. Why? Risk is a huge factor at the end of the decision-making process, and knowing others loved your services makes new buyers feel more confident you’ll do the same for them.

Not all testimonials are the same, though.

You know what I’m talking about:

“Sam was so great to work with and solved all my business...

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3 Ways for Raving Fans to Shout About Your Brand

referrals sales Aug 20, 2019

The wedding industry is built on referrals. Studies show time and again how important recommendations are for couples making decisions on their vendors. Testimonials, especially, could push a potential buyer over the line when it comes to choosing you over your competition.
But reviews will only get you so far. Social proof is important to reassure nervous buyers, and putting them on your...

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A Simple Idea to Delight Clients – and Get More Referrals

referrals sales Aug 13, 2019

Last week, we talked about how important it is to keep your best clients engaged with your brand. (If you didn’t read the post do it now. I’ll wait…)


Put your business on the flywheel instead of dropping new leads through the traditional sales funnel.


I hear you. Yeah yeah…In the wedding world it’s hard to get repeat clients (though parents can pay...

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