3 Ways for Raving Fans to Shout About Your Brand

referrals sales Aug 20, 2019

The wedding industry is built on referrals. Studies show time and again how important recommendations are for couples making decisions on their vendors. Testimonials, especially, could push a potential buyer over the line when it comes to choosing you over your competition.
But reviews will only get you so far. Social proof is important to reassure nervous buyers, and putting them on your website and in your sales proposals lends credibility when you need it most.
However, if you want to get more clients referred by your current ones you’ll have to create raving fans.
These brand ambassadors shout from the mountaintops how incredible you are to work with, why you’re the best at whatever it is you do.
Humans are wired to share successes – and failures – with others. It’s part of our tribe mentality. We want to help those around us survive the wilderness that is wedding planning.
Your job as the leader of your fan club is to boost enthusiasm and amplify what they’re saying. Here are five simple ways to do just that:
Pick Website Images
Ever wonder what your clients want? Stop guessing and start asking. Put out 100 images you’d want on your site in front of 10 “ideal clients” from the past year, then ask them to pick their favorite.
Bonus: They’ll feel more connected to your company and want to share the images with their family, friends and colleagues: “Look! My [insert wedding service] asked for my help choosing their website images. Here’s a link!”
Share Instagram Story Poll or Q&A
Start a poll or post a Q&A to get more information from your best buyers. (eg. “What do you want to see more of: People or Details?”) Then get your ideal clients from the past year to share on their feeds with their family, friends and colleagues, who are your actual potential buyers.
Behind-the-Scenes DocuVideo
Video means engagement. BTS means engagement. Storytelling means engagement. Put them all together in one marketing project and watch the magic happen.
Pick a client you feel embodies your perfect buyer. Then, partner with a videographer to tell the story of your client & you working together to create their incredible event. Include one-on-ones with you, the client, vendors; conversations about planning out your services; obstacles you ran into and how you overcame them; and footage of the actual event. Stop telling people about your process and show it to them instead.
Side benefit: Your client will feel like the star of their own reality show and share the episode with everyone they know - yet another audience you want to tap into.
Start thinking about ways you can give a microphone and speaker system to your biggest fans. Their passion for your company will produce referrals better than even the best planners or venues you’re partnering with.
Till next week, good luck with your inquiries!


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