A Simple Idea to Delight Clients – and Get More Referrals

referrals sales Aug 13, 2019

Last week, we talked about how important it is to keep your best clients engaged with your brand. (If you didn’t read the post do it now. I’ll wait…)


Put your business on the flywheel instead of dropping new leads through the traditional sales funnel.


I hear you. Yeah yeah…In the wedding world it’s hard to get repeat clients (though parents can pay for another sibling to use your services).


But you can get couples to refer their friends and colleagues, which is way easier and cheaper than trying to attract new leads with FB ads or more IG stories.


What’s the key?


Surprises and delights.


The “delight” stage is where you make raving fans out of your current clients. I’m not talking about sending them a bottle of wine. I’m not talking about giving them a token gift card to Starbucks. And I’m not talking about doing work for free or at a discount.


Oh wait. These are the things you’re currently doing to delight wedding vendors? You’ve got to level-up your game!


Everyone’s doing this now, so you’re going to have to be…better.


So, I’ve got an idea for you to consider. Nothing ground-breaking. Nothing earth-shattering. Just a simple principle to cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd of wedding pros shouting for attention.


Be thoughtful.


That’s it. Do things that mean something to the person you’re trying to connect with. Be helpful. Be useful. Provide expertise. Offer support. Give freely. Share openly. Treat clients (and friendors) like you actually care about them and their needs.


People don’t want things – we know that. They say they want experiences, but even that is probably a surface-level need.


What all people really crave most is to feel good.


Don’t make it easy on yourself. If you do, it’s likely going to be harder to impress.


Surprise your clients and referral partners with a refreshing approach. Connect with them in meaningful ways. Show intention and create meaning in what you do. Do these things based on this one idea and you’ll create a growing team of raving fans selling your services for you.


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