Free Group Coaching for Wedding Pros

Well, it looks like the “new normal” is setting in. Lots of changes in the past week for so many of us, and everything is different than a few weeks ago for all of us. There’s no getting around it: 

Everyone’s professional life is in absolute upheaval. 

Including ours: Katy and I have pushed pause on big projects so we can focus 100% on our clients and community members like you. We’re on the phone with 1:1 clients going through finances, responding to “how would you handle it” emails for rescheduling challenges, and checking in with our online communities for any questions.


But we want to do more for you

We started Ideaction Consulting so we could help wedding pros make your businesses more successful. We focus almost entirely on the solopreneurs, you big dreamers who fly alone – and find out along the way you need help every once in a while. 

And for the small-business entrepreneur, who finds success but needs help scaling a successful company. You, too, need a part-time partner to help guide you where you want to grow.

What we’ve discovered in the past 3+ years is that pretty much every wedding pro needs a wingman. While the term “wingman” has recently applied mostly to dating situations, it originated because lead pilots often needed support during battles. 


Flying solo is hard

If there was ever a battle going on with your business it’s right now. Many wedding pros are under the age of 35, which means you’ve only been in business during the “Golden Age” of weddings. Every year more people get married and every year they spend more money on their weddings.  

In fact, you’ve never faced tough economic times.

But even if you’re a veteran of the 2008 Great Recession and 9/11 (like Katy and I are), it’s still hard to navigate these unprecedented times. 

No one – and I mean no one – in the wedding industry has faced the obstacles we’re challenged by right now.


It’s unimaginable to face this situation alone

You could say I’ve been a professional wingman my entire life. While I’ve always been a leader in life, I’ve led from behind most of the time. As an athlete in high school, I always measured success by assists rather than goals or points. As a manager in business, I focused on making my boss look really, really good. As a coach for my clients, I’ve found joy not in shining brightly myself but in seeing pros like you win whatever it is you’re after.  

I love helping others get the glory.


Now’s your time 

As we move through these next several weeks, I’m going to try my hardest to serve all of you solopreneurs out there looking for a leader to get through these uncertain times. 

And I’m going to do my best to be the super-experienced #2, right-hand man you entrepreneurs need to make the best decisions for your company.


We’re all in this together

You may work by yourself. You may be stuck inside your home. But you should know that you’re not alone. Far from it. Every single event professional is in this with you. And I’m with you. Katy is too. And Lauren, and Sara, and Karley and Taylor. We’re all working to get you in the best position possible in the coming weeks – or months if that’s the case.

So let’s do this.

Let’s do this together. All of us. We all have some of the same issues related to COVID-19:

  • How to deal with rescheduling?
  • How to work through the toughest client concerns?
  • How to have a heart for your clients while your head is on your business?
  • How to make couples feel confident about booking you for 2021?
  • How to make sure you budget for the worst and prepare for the long-game


Join this community for 4 weeks

For the time being, instead of selling you something you’ll want in the future, we’re going to give you something you need now… 

…at no charge. 

We’re hosting a group coaching series for wedding pros who need a community to fall back on, today. Who need a direction to go, today. Who need something to work on while at home, today. Who need to get ready for tomorrow, today.


Finally the details! 

We’re hosting a two-hour group coaching call each week for the next 4 weeks. Topics include:

  1. Dynamic pricing for 2020-21 dates and how to steer couples to non-peak days
  2. Making it easy for couples to book you for 2021 dates
  3. Marketing and selling in the era of COVID-19
  4. Creating content for scared buyers currently engaged but waiting to inquire

Each week you’ll learn new approaches and get your toughest questions answered. 

Let’s call this a “virtual helping hand.” 

Will you take it?


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