3 Things You Don’t Have that You Should

Last week, I explained how weddings were anything but simple to sell. In fact, they’re incredibly complex with lots of moving pieces over long lengths of time with tons of money and multiple decision-makers involved. 

Y’all. This is about has hard as it gets.

What’s worse is that you’re not a salesperson. You’re good at what you do for your clients, which is why you’re doing what you do in the first place. But now you’ve got to be great at sales, otherwise you won’t get the chance to do what you’re best at.

But your company doesn’t have a sales training program, and so you’re left to wing it like most wedding pros.


But wait, it’s harder than you imagine

Not only are you not a salesperson, you’re not a sales director, either. If you were, you’d be the one to create your sales process so the sales team could operate it on the daily. 

Salespeople are asked only to do the sales work, not think up the best way to meet the buyers’ expectations. That’s above their pay grade. That’s the work of super-experienced, senior-level executives.

And they use the marketing team for most of their information.


But you don’t have one of those either

The marketing team does more than post on social media or write newsletter campaigns or pick what magazine to submit for publication.

No, amongst the most important work marketers do is research…well, the market.  

Who’s your buyer? What are their demographics? Ethographics? Psychographics? How do you connect with your buyer personas? What resonates with them the most? 

Who’s your comp set? What messages do they put out there to try to connect with the same buyer personas you’re trying to connect with based on those ‘graphics? 

The marketing team is the one who decides what the sales team should be saying. They gather the information that enables the sales director to create a sales process designed around the buying experience the marketing team knows your company needs to provide. 

So I guess the complex sale isn’t as hard as it gets. It’s much, much harder for the typical wedding pro working solo out of your house or with a small team of assistants.

That’s all for today. Just wanted to give you a little perspective.



Sort of.

Maybe not.

What I want to share with you this week is that you need all three of these things to be successful with your company. 

  1. You need a marketing strategist to tell you who your buyers are and how you can reach them with different messages than your competition.
  2. You need a sales director to set up a process that reflects the experience your buyers crave.
  3. You need to develop your sales skills to optimize the sales process that’s in place for your buyers.

Keep tuning into these blog posts for more direction on these key areas.


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