The Single Best Indicator It's Time to Raise Prices

kpi sales Sep 17, 2019

I hear it all the time. It’s sad. I mean, it really makes me sad.
“I’m 80% booked for next year, and it’s still not even engagement season!!”
Now, I know what you’re thinking. A wedding pro way ahead on their booking pace should make me happy. They’re killing it, you think.
Here’s another one: “I’ve only got...

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4 Ways to Check the Pulse of Your Business

kpi sales Sep 03, 2019

It’s not easy to know where you stand with your business. Are you winning? Are you losing? If so, by how much?

The real question is: How do you know?

Are you looking at how many weddings you have on the books? That’s old news! Why? It’s what economists call a “lagging indicator,” which means it measures the effect of what’s already happened.

When you book a...

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