Stop Taking Bad Advice

advice struggling Jan 07, 2020

Not getting the kind of money you want with your business? Join the club. I talk with hundreds of wedding pros every year and maybe a small handful are satisfied with how much they’re making. 

(Pssssst…many of the ones you look up to also aren’t booking what they want for their businesses. I know, because they call me for help, too.)

So what’s the secret to making more money? Depends on who you are and what’s not working.

What nobody tells you before giving advice

You’ve heard me say it and I’ll remind you again, right now. What work(s/ed) for someone may not work for you. Are you in the same market? Are you in the same field? Same buyer demo/etho/psychographics? 

If the answer’s no to any of these then you should reconsider what they’re saying.

If you told a friend, “Hey Sarah, I don’t feel so well,” and she said, “Me either, so I got these pills and they helped. Here, take one…” Would you do it? Do you even know what ails Sarah and is it the same thing as you?

So why are you taking Sarah’s recommendations on what worked for her business with her problems?

Instead follow this suggestion

Sometimes you don’t need to see a doctor. Sometimes you can self-diagnose the issue without risking too much. 

Same with your business. What’s the challenge you’re running into? (I can assure you, it’s unlikely your pricing. Lots of people charge more than you in your market and are doing just fine.) Before you take any advice from anyone about anything you’ve got to spot what’s not working with your buying experience.

Stay tuned: Next week we’re going to dive into three different problem areas wedding pros run into when trying to make more money – and how to diagnose what’s going on in your business.


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