How Do You Measure Up?

quiz sales May 28, 2019

A funny thing happened at a workshop last month. It was a Tuesday morning, and my weekly blog post had been sent out a few hours earlier. I walked into the meeting room, saw some of the other speakers, and started chatting. 

Immediately, three of them said something like, “I got your blog post this morning, and I’m only doing ___ of the six things you said NOT to do during the sales process! I feel like I’m winning!”

The first thing I said was, “Phew, at least a few people are reading the blog!” (Not really, because I know about 1,000 people do every week.) 

 What I was really thinking was: Good! People are really considering this stuff.  They’re seriously worried about whether they’re doing the right or wrong things. This is great! People are doing more than just glancing at the email.

Sales is so important to growing your business and not enough people are talking about it. Somehow sales has become a dirty word, a dirty part of what we do with our wedding couples. 
I assure you, it’s not. In fact, it’s the first part of the client experience and one that you’ve got to get right if you want to provide remarkable service to your people. 

Are you providing stellar service? Let’s see. Take the quiz to see what you know and how you’re doing at the sales work that’s so crucial to your company’s success.

Click here to take the sales assessment now.

Till next week…good luck with your inquiries!



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