How to Write a Winning Inquiry Response

initial inquiry Apr 30, 2019

By the time potential clients contact you about your services, they could be 70-80% of the way through the buying process. They’ve asked for recommendations from trusted friends and vendors, searched listings and read reviews, stalked your Instagram and Pinterest, scoured your website, and finally took the plunge by submitting the form or sending an email.

Now what?

The buyer doesn’t really know. They’ve done what they know, which is to get it down to a handful of potential providers, but after that…well, it’s up to you.

As the expert, you know they’ve got to do a few things. 1) Establish what’s important to them, 2) Learn what you do that meets their needs, 3) See if you offer good value, and 4) Feel confident you’ll deliver on what you say you will.

How can you best get them what they need? Hint: It’s unlikely to be over email or text or DM. Sure, some are successful at this approach and you may even get lucky yourself a time or two. But the highest likelihood of success at converting inquiries into clients is to jump on a phone.

We talked last week about why that’s so important. This week, I’m going to give you the components of a great email response to the initial inquiry.

  • Write an original response, not a copy-and-paste or template

  • Keep things short (100-200 words)

  • Show genuine interest in their event

  • Answer any questions asked

  • Try to connect with any clues from the inquiry

  • If they inquire about pricing, let them know you need more info from them to get specifics

  • Offer three dates/times to chat

  • Keep the request to talk casual and for a short timeframe

  • End with “What time works best for you?” or some similar question

  • Make sure your phone number is in the email or on the signature

If you do these with every inquiry, you’ll not get all of them on the phone, but you’ll have a really great chance at talking with a super-majority.


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