How 30 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Business

operations sales Jul 09, 2019

On November 28, 1979 an Air New Zealand flight took off for a sight-seeing trip to Antarctica with 257 people on board.  The company had run this all-day tour over a dozen times in the previous two years and the pilots had logged thousands of hours flying commercial jets.

Five hours after take-off the flight crashed into the side of a mountain thousands of miles away. All 257 people died instantly.

One cause of the disaster was white-out conditions. The plane was flying super-low (1,500’ altitude) to give passengers a one-of-a-kind view of an ice shelf, and the combination of cloud-cover, snowy terrain and light refraction conspired to deceive the pilot’s vision.

The instrumentation should have kept them safe, but it didn’t. It couldn’t. Because the coordinates that had been put into the navigation system weren’t correct. They were miles off-course.

Someone had changed the coordinates just before take-off and the pilots weren’t made aware. 

More importantly, the pilots didn’t check the navigation system and route against the waypoints on the map. They were literally on autopilot.

Why do I share this awful tragedy with you?

Because you have to pay attention to what’s going on around you and your business. At all times. Even when you’re busy with the summer wedding season. 

Especially when you’re busy with the summer wedding season.

When things are at their most crucial you’ve got to keep your eye on the course you’re taking. And you have to pay attention to what’s going on around you.

 The 5 simplest waypoints to measure how things are going for your buyers are:

1.    Unique website visitors

2.    Unique contact page visitors

3.    Inquiries

4.    Proposals sent

5.    Bookings

Spend 30 minutes the 1st of every month to track where you’re at compared to last month and the same month last year. 

Are you up? Down? Even?

What do you need to do in which area to make progress toward your goals?

Excuses about being too busy are just blinders keeping you from seeing what’s most important for your success. 

Do your business a favor and take them off for 30 minutes. Half an hour A MONTH could help you survive - and even thrive - another year.


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