Do This One Thing to Grow Your Network

client market sales Feb 25, 2020

Over the past couple weeks you’ve learned how important your people can be to the success in your business. Yes, the planners and venues who are referring you business, but also the clients who love your work so much they want to shout it from the mountain tops – or at least into their best friends’ ears.

I read somewhere that your network is the safety net to catch you when you fall and your fishing net to help feed your life. Wish I would’ve thought up that great line….


So how do you connect with others?

The first thing you have to do is pay attention to what’s going on with others. I mean really pay attention. Not stop on a photo on IG and double-tap. That’s not connection…


And neither is a DM

Go back – way back – to how we’re wired. Humans are social animals. We need a tribe to survive. We don’t have sharp claws or teeth, and we can’t outrun predators. No, we have to band together to survive.

Those who could get along were the ones who survived by being let in the cave for protection from all the dangers of the outside world.


Make others feel connected to you

The more you get people to feel you’re paying attention to them the more your business will succeed. 

Get buyers to feel heard and they’ll want to share more. Get them to share more about their biggest concerns and you’ll identify what you can offer them that’ll make the most impact. Share what makes the most impact and you’ll prove more valuable. Prove more valuable and you can charge more.

Get clients to feel appreciated and they’ll also want to share more. Share more on IG and IRL. Both are important to spreading the word and growing your “sales team.”


But it’s not easy to pay attention

We humans are quickly becoming so distracted by nonsense we can barely stand it.

I read the other day in a book (Indistractable by Nir Eyal) that the majority of people left alone in a room by themselves with nothing to do would rather shock themselves with an electric current than sit with their own thoughts for 10 minutes. WTF…!?!?!?!


Clearly, if you want to stand out from the crowd all you have to do is focus your attention more than your comp set, which we can see is not that hard these days.

Next week we’ll dive into how to show your buyers and clients how you’re paying attention to them.


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