Who’s Helping You?

And why it matters more than you think

I’m guessing you’re getting inundated with “experts” trying to educate you. (BTW, I prefer to help - not educate - my clients…) Everyone who’s had a good run for a few years is now an “educator.”

But who are you learning from? What are they teaching you? Will it work for YOUR business? Ask yourself…have they:

Succeeded for more than just a few years?

Ever sold a wedding (or hundreds)?

Trained dozens and dozens of wedding professionals?

Worked in multiple markets and a variety of fields?

Triumphed with more than just their own/one company?

After 12+ years selling 500+ weddings for millions of dollars and leading teams in various fields across the country for mass-market, premium and luxury clients I can assure you the person who coaches/mentors/guides you matters. A lot.

Ask any of my 75+ one-on-one clients or 25+ speaking engagement attendees and they’ll tell you the same thing.

As an ESTP (the persuader) I’m a natural-born sales person. I’ve been doing it since I opened my first Kool-Aid stand as a six-year-old. In my teens I started selling food at restaurants and I made it a game to see if I could persuade diners to choose certain entrées. In college I formalized my persuasion education with a degree in “Writing, Rhetoric, and Communication” (or liberal-arts-ese for influencing people).

After front-line sales in restaurants I moved into events and found my calling. I loved selling venues and catering. Instead of getting people to choose the entrée I wanted it now became a game of selling dates and spaces. But then the Great Recession hit and things got hard.

Revenues flatline when natural abilities, charisma and connections stop working and luck runs out.

10 Years Ago I Began My Journey to Understand the Science Behind Sales Growth

I wanted help but couldn’t find a sales or growth coach specific to the wedding industry. So I got an education through distance learning, workshops and experts outside the industry.

I read everything I could find on compliance, buyer psychology, decision-making, game theory, and behavioral economics.

Then I applied what I learned to the hundreds of inquiries I received each year. My training paid off.

During the worst economy in decades we grew sales by 400% and profited wildly while others couldn’t even survive.

The methods I use today are based on hands-on success and have been honed through work directing others in all fields, all markets, all levels of weddings (from mass-market to premium to luxury).

A Growth Strategist for Every Part of Your Wedding Company

Sales expertise is only the start

While I spend a ton of time talking about sales growth it’s not my only area of expertise. I’ve hired hundreds of employees, supervised over 200,000 labor hours, and stewarded budgets upwards of $15mm in annual sales.

Sure, I’ve spent years doing direct sales work with wedding couples, but I’ve led event and hospitality teams for much longer.

If You Want Real Growth You Can’t Do it Alone

Real growth comes when you scale your sales and operations beyond yourself. But that’s hard work. Getting others to do what you can do better and quicker is often the biggest professional challenge you’ll face.

Setting up the organization to run without your constant monitoring takes vision and foresight, which doesn’t come easily if you’re new to leading a company.

Are you getting ready to scale intentionally? Or did you get a bit over your skis and need help stabilizing?


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