Live Sales Coaching for Wedding Pros

How do most wedding pros learn to do sales work?

Self-taught trial and error.  

Why not have a true sales expert point you in the right direction?

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Sales Focus

Learn how to create an extraordinary sales experience for potential clients

Monthly Accountability

It's like yoga for your business when you practice sales improvements every month

Proven Approach

Use the same tactics that've worked to sell (literally) millions in a variety of fields

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Monthly live coaching calls

Replays in video and audio-only

Q&A during the sessions

Access to free resources

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6-Month Commitment



Monthly live coaching calls

Replays in video and audio-only

Q&A during the sessions

Access to free resources

Free 30-minute one-on-one call

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Monthly live coaching calls

Replays in video and audio-only

Q&A during the sessions

Access to free resources

Free 60-minute one-on-one call

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Frequently Asked Questions

You'll get how-tos to book more wedding couples. I'll discuss strategies, tactics, tips, tricks, techniques, values, and approaches that work specifically for wedding pros.

One-hour live webinar with coaching materials before and after the session.

All topics are related specifically to wedding sales. 

  • Closing business
  • Discovery meetings
  • Compelling proposals
  • Pricing
  • Initial inquiry responses
  • Website
  • Follow-ups
  • Discounts
  • Negotiaions
  • Others


The live sales coaching is directed at wedding pros - all fields, all markets, all segments (eg. premium, budget, luxury), and all experience levels. Almost zero wedding pros have proper sales training. If you're self-taught or an entrepreneur who's selling out of necessity, this is a great place to get going in the right direction.


Cancel anytime. No commitment required. Discounts offered to those who sign up on a six- or 12-month bundle.

All sessions are recorded. You'll get access to the full video recording as well as an audio-only. Replay as much as you like.

No. The sessions will move around to different dates and times each month.

Yes. If you don't like what you're learning I'll give you money back for the last episode and cancel your membership immediately.

"Sam is one of the best business presenters I have seen in the events industry. He uses his real world experience to help leading event professionals across the country optimize their pricing strategy, increase sales and create scalable processes. I really appreciate his straightforward presentation style and real-world storytelling that make his sessions engaging and fun."

Julie Roth Novack
CEO/Co-Founder PartySlate

"Sam has the most amazing advice when it comes to pricing and creating a plan for revenue."

Sylvie Gil
Top Photographer, Brides, Harper’s Bazaar, and Martha Stewart

"Sam’s incredible insights and very practical knowledge has been invaluable. He has helped us shape a sales process that has been extremely successful in the luxury market."

James + Schulze
Brides Magazine Best Photographers in the World

"Sam and I talked about pricing and he gave me the tactics to book more business during non-peak periods. I’ve seen huge and immediate increases in revenues using his methods."

Eric Kelley
Top Photographer by Martha Stewart and Harper’s Bazaar

"Sam’s approach to sales, marketing and client communication gave me a whole new insight. I have seen amazing results in my business, and have transformed many leads to bookings using his methods and techniques."

Ava Belle
International Beauty Stylist

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For less than a cup of coffee a day, you'll get expert sales advice to book more business at your best rates. You'll have more confidence, higher revenues, and fewer worries.


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