You Aren't That Busy

It’s true.
You think you’re busy? I believe you. I trust you’re working hard, putting in the hours.
But you aren’t THAT busy. You aren’t so busy that you can’t take inquiries from next year’s couples.
You know why?
1 in 5 of your 2020 clients will get engaged in July and August of this year.
Most couples wait about 3-4 weeks before diving into wedding planning, so that’s gonna buy you a few more weeks to work through this whole “I’m too busy” syndrome you’ve got to shake.
Before you throw in the towel on your dreams by using the lame excuse that you’re too busy, ask yourself these four questions:
Have you stopped time wasters?
I firmly believe the value of Netflix is inversely tied to the productivity of our people. The less you work the more Netflix makes.
And the less you make.
Remove the term “binge-watching” from your vocabulary and you’ll see more time open up. And your bank account grow.
Same thing with pretty much all social media. Eliminate 80% of your time on it and you’ll be just fine. Even the time you devote to “business” on social media can be carved down considerably.
Are you exercising?
Seems like adding in something more to do would actually decrease the time you’ve got for new inquiries.
Here’s the thing, though: When you exercise your body you create the kind of energy that makes you more productive.
You’ll get over your mid-day slump.

You’ll generate creative ideas while you’re doing it.
You’ll clear your mind of all the BS that fills it when you sit at your desk.
Start by walking 30 minutes a day and see where that gets you.
Have you asked for help?
You can’t do it alone. Well, you could, but you won’t get as far as fast with as much fun along the way.
Ask for help to free up some of your time. If you’ve got employees, delegate. If you don’t, find freelancers or part-time temp help. If you have to get your kids to do some of the work.
I’m serious. Get them to do more work around the house so you can do things they can’t. Like work on your business.
Is your perfectionism creeping in?
Hi. I’m Sam and I’m a perfectionist. I’ve been a perfectionist for as long as I can remember.
My sickness doesn’t look like most of yours, though. I don’t have a thing for details. I’m kind of a 90%-and-done guy. (This blog post is a first draft…)
What I seek perfection in is results. I strive for greatness in performance.
What ever your perfectionist tendencies, remember that you get diminishing returns when you obsess on one thing.
The key to keep in mind, though, is that you’re NEGLECTING everything else to focus on this one thing. Stop spending half your time getting 10% of your results.
If you do – and you do the other recommendations above – you’ll discover that you’re not really that busy.

Till next time…good luck with your inquiries!



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