What To Do Next Time You Have a BIG Idea

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2019

We’ve all been there. Excited, anxious, off-the-charts motivated.
Read a great business book and realize you need to change your entire mindset.
Attend a workshop and hear a speaker who simplifies the answer to what you’ve been struggling with for months.
Listen to a podcast while working out and then stop everything to implement the new BIG idea.
You learn something new, and now that you know it, you HAVE to do something about it. Right now. It can’t wait. You’ve already lost millions because you waited this long. In fact, you’re lucky to still be in business even though you haven’t done this new thing.
Pump the Brakes
Before you start changing around everything take a minute to breathe. Take a few days – even a week or two. The world will not stop spinning and your business will still be around.
I promise.
You don’t want to move too quickly in ANY direction when you’re in a state of euphoria with these new ideas. You’re not thinking clearly. You’re emotional, not logical. It feels good to get started, but you’d do better to wait. 
Fast is Slow and Slow is Smooth
When you get a new idea or inspiration for your business ask yourself a series of questions:

  • How does it help you achieve your current goals?
  • What part of your business will it make better?
  • Is this part of your business a priority now? Or can it wait?
  • What will it do that you’re not already doing?
Even better, enlist a few people you trust who can tell you if the idea is worth going after right away or if it can sit. This may be your personal board of directors. Or it could be a coach. Or it could be your sweetie.

But get someone who isn’t afraid to tell you to cool your jets and slow it down.
Most of us in the event industry are very creative. We thrive in doing new, interesting things. We also own or lead our businesses because we like the freedom to pursue new things rather than feel tied down to old ones.
If you’re always starting something new how can you finish what’s not already done?
Remember that you set out your goals for a reason. If you keep starting anew you’ll never check the list to get things done. And that serves no one well.

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