8 Ways to Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2019

You know what’s so silly? Most of us really really really focus on making BIG improvements only one time each year. January 1. Or sometime around then. 

For us wedding pros that’s too late. 25% of our clients for the upcoming year will have just gotten engaged but we don’t have any time to get started on our new goals because we’re too busy answering emails about pricing and availability.

And so another year passes without taking the steps we need to get better.

I challenge you to make the biggest improvement for your business this year right now. Not next month. Not in January. Not when everything is “perfect” in the world. 


Start thinking about what you want to change TODAY. Don’t wait till it’s too late. I know you’re busy (October is the second busiest month to get married), but are you too busy to do the things you need to make more money? Have more free time? Stress less?

(If you ARE too busy, it’s time to raise rates…but that’s a post I’ve already written about…)

8 Areas to Improve

The first step to solving any problem is admit you’ve got one. The second step is to commit to solving it. The third step is to define the problem. 

Don’t do what most people do, which is to start with solving the problem. Nope. You’ve got to do some preliminary work first. So we’ll do it together. Right now. Because we’re not going to wait until January 1 to think about this stuff.

What area(s) are you running into problems with? Here are some common obstacles to focus on as you consider priorities for 2020.

1.     Make more $$$ - Probably the most frequent goal I hear from people – and for good reason. It’s why most of us are in business (and if you think it’s for some other reason just know it’s okay to tell me the truth that you want to make more money, I’m a safe place to share your secrets).

2.     Gain more confidence – If making more money is the biggest goal we all have, not having the confidence in ourselves is probably the most common reason we fall short. Even before you get the skills to make more money you’ve got to believe in yourself.

3.     More technical or creative skills – You can’t stop getting better at what you do. Develop your skills and creativity if you want to truly level up your business.

4.     Find inspiration – We’re all creative in what we do, and we’ve got to discover more in ourselves by exploring what’s outside our normal daily life.

5.     Build a stronger brand – What people say about you when you’re not around is the most powerful indicator about future success (or challenges) you’ll face. What your brand looks like is only part of this…

6.     Learn to lead – If you have a team counting on you to show them the way, you’ve got to constantly show them you’re committed to being a better leader.

7.     Develop a team – Tired of doing it all on your own? It’s probably time to get some help. And not just temporary, on-call help. I mean real help that’s a true investment in your business.

8.     Manage your time – The most precious resource we all have is time. Period. If you’re constantly running out of it, do something about making more room for priorities.

Maybe you see more than one area in here you want to focus on for 2020? If so, you better not wait till the new year to get started. 

Get ahead of everyone else and do work now…


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