I keep hearing "charge your worth"

Your work speaks for itself. Really. It's incredible. Everyone says so.

But nobody is buying it

You didn't get in to this business because you love to sell. No, when you dreamed of owning your own wedding business, you hoped to help people create beautiful, touching, memory-filled wedding days.

You dreamed of days lounging in sweats, editing work for your website - all while drinking a flat white and petting your cat.

In reality, you're sitting at a make-shift desk in the corner of your bedroom staring at your Mac.

No new prospects and one potential client wants to negotiate.

You have an empty inbox, bills you can't pay, and the nagging feeling that you'll never make this business "work". And then there's that pit in your stomach again.

Sometimes you secretly wonder if you're even worth hiring. And then it happens...

“We’ve decided to go with someone else, but thank you for your time.”

UGH. Your business cannot take another hit. Your relationship with your partner cannot take another hit. And you absolutely 100% cannot tell your parents that you lost another sale. (They already question why they paid for a college education.)

You don't want to return to that 9-5, but that looks like your only option at this point. Tomorrow you'll need to start looking for freelance work - and you're definitely going to have to lower your rates.

What a nightmare.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Are you constantly second-guessing yourself? Constantly blaming the market or some competitor that undercut you?

Constantly living in a stressed out state of worry & angst over whether you have the chops to even be an entrepreneur?

Do you spend all your time and money on marketing efforts - hoping that if you can generate enough leads, you'll scrape by?

Marketing get leads to knock but it won't get them through the door.


You think successful event pros must be natural-born sales people. Sales is the thing you hate most about being in business for yourself. You're not hardwired for sales. It feels so...

Not you.

It's not like you haven't tried...

You shelled out a bunch of money and months of your time to work with that marketing coach who swore his methods would work for your business.

But his sales advice was slick, aggressive and borderline rude. It didn't fly with your couples - and it certainly didn't work for you.

You attended that 3-day workshop filled with lots of impressive speakers and great info.

But you raced home to a wedding, back-to-back meetings and normal life. And...well...you aren't even sure where those notes are now.

Now, you don't know who or what to trust to teach you. You want a trusted expert - with experience in your industry.

But you wonder if that person even exists.



Introducing: The Complete Sales Experience

Sales skills for the naturally-born sales person


The Complete Sales Experience is a step-by-step way for event pros to become CONFIDENT at sales, make more money and still sound like themselves.

More confidence, more money and more than (8) hours of expertly-guided knowledge are mere key strokes away. After the first lesson, you can begin applying your new-found sales skills and start achieving success - one small win at a time.

It's like a workshop, from the comfort of your couch.
Except at this workshop, you can hit pause when you need to run to the bathroom or get another Nespresso. 

Stop piecemealing together a sales plan of random podcasts, books & advice. You hate DIY weddings, so why would you think a DIY approach for learning sales would work for your business?

Instead, rely on a proven approach.

Stop listening to bad sales advice from "famous" event pros who made it big once - and start learning from a professional with decades of success in sales & operations.

Stop being pushy, aggressive and awkward and start showing empathy.

Stop educating your customers and start helping them discover the path forward.  

Choose The Complete Sales Experience when...

  • You've had moderate success in the past, but your luck & connections are dwindling
  • You don't have the time or money to attend a workshop
  • You can't afford to hire a sales person and have to do it yourself
  • You want to spend more time focusing on what you love
  • You want a step-by-step guide on sales and not just a course or workshop steeped in theory
  • You want to know how & exactly what to say (and when to say it!) to convert more sales
  • You want an approach that feels natural to you/your brand
  • You are ready to make more $$$, pay off student loans and buy a car that isn't a POS
  • You are ready to stop hearing NO and stop getting ghosted
  • You want to raise rates
You want to say that you've done it - figured it all out! You have a successful business.

So, here you are.

You've got your "big girl" (or boy) pants on and your ready to figure this sh*t out. You've established that those other training programs and tactics don't work for your business. 

You know that the DIY approach should be reserved for craft store creations. 

Even if you could Google all the answers and cut-and-paste together a roadmap to success, you're not entirely sure you'd be headed in the right direction.  And honestly, you know you don't have the time to do all that. (You can barely find the time to watch an old episode of Friends let alone see yours!)

You know that a fancy new Wordpress site or optimized SEO copy isn't going to work either.

Marketing is great for driving leads to your website, but you have no clue what to do once you get them on the phone. And you certainly don't want to continue to blow it when it matters most.

What you need now is a step-by-step guide that will walk you through every stage of the sales process.

What you need now is an actionable program that you can start implementing immediately.

What you need NOW are results.

If this really is just a hobby for you, then STOP right here.

The Complete Sales Experience is about helping serious wedding professionals find success through sales - and in turn have a wildly successful business that other pros drool over.

In fact, The Complete Sales Experience is ONLY right for you if ALL of the following are true:

  1. You want increased confidence & control over your business
  2. You want to book stellar events
  3. You want to stop stressing about money & start buying things that make you happy
  4. You want better sleep
  5. You want more time with family & friends

Start seeing results almost as soon as you hit "play"​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Purchase the course and it's yours for keeps. It will immediately be added to your content library where you can draw on it whenever and wherever you need to. Forever.

You'll have immediate access to the 3-part series: The Complete Sales Experience.  The series includes The Buyers Journey, Website to Discovery & Proposal to Close - over 8 hours of expertly-coached video instruction.

This isn't just a lame PowerPoint situation either. With this course, you get to be a "fly on a wall" of a workshop - a workshop where you can hit pause and start practicing at any point.

You'll also get access to bonus material - including course outlines, note guides, helpful downloads, quick reference guides, worksheets & checklists to help with sales in the real world. Again, this is a hands-on course. No theory-only stuff here. There's work to be done, so plan to get your hands dirty.

And if that's not enough, you'll have FREE access to Compass Coaching - Live Q&A for Wedding Pros: monthly deep-dive and "ask me anything" coaching to keep you on track and hold you accountable so you can finish the series & start kicking butt.

Sounds too good to be true? Check out this clip:


"Get ready for a buttload of info and take lots of notes. #worthit" - Adriana, Photographer


With The Complete Sales Experience, you can: 

  • Play at your convenience - so you can select the time & place you learn best
  • Pause at any time  - so you can take stretch breaks or let an idea sink in
  • Rewind & replay - so you can gain better understanding and confidence
  • Pace out the material - so you can try out an idea or concept as you move through the journey

With marketing expenses, you can never really measure success. With The Complete Sales Experience, within days (or even hours!) you'll have small wins that will add up to big success when you book your next client.


“Sam is one of the best business presenters I have seen I the events industry. He uses his real world experience to help event professionals across the country optimize their pricing strategy, increase sales and create scalable processes. I really appreciate his straight-forward presentation style and storytelling that makes his sessions fun and engaging.” - Julie Roth Novack, PartySlate Founder/CEO


If you've been thinking that sales shouldn't be so...sales-y

You're right.

Some experts advocate for pushy closes and hard-arming tactics to force a sale. Others use scarcity and manipulation to convince clients to buy.

Some programs are designed by a "trainer" that hasn't ever sold a wedding or only sold for his or her own, personal brand. What might have worked for one pro, in one market, won't necessarily work for yours. 

Other programs require you to attend a workshop and involve time and travel expenses you haven't budgeted for. What's worse, the notes you frantically scribble during the conference end up collecting dust on the shelf.

With these solutions you waste precious resources on solutions that never get implemented or are so off-brand, you don't have the heart to try them.


The Complete Sales Experience is different because...

You'll learn to sell the way you like to buy.

You'll learn:

  1. The three phases of the buyers journey and how to move customers forward without sounding like a jerk
  2. How best to use your website to begin the sales journey
  3. How to get couples to inquire &  the most effective way to get a call scheduled
  4. Why couples ghost you & what you can do to avoid it
  5. The best questions to ask during a discovery call to determine who your buyer is & what's important to them
  6. Proposal do's & don'ts that allow you to convert at higher rates
  7. The Goldilocks Method of pricing to "sell" your most profitable package
  8. The 4 Buyer Types - and how to effectively communicate with each type to close more business
  9. The most effective ways to move a sale to close
  10. A stress-free path to overcoming objections


“I left feeling super empowered and with very tactical information. I knew what my next steps were going to be to generate new business - almost like I had an inside track on my competitors.”              - Julie, Photographer


Anyone can call themselves a guide, but only someone who been in your shoes can truly understand your pain AND share solutions that actually work.


"I learned Sam’s method YESTERDAY…I got a DM from a bride, asked if we could hop on a call. I Sam-Jacobson-ed the crap out of that conversation and had her eager to book ASAP. I mean, I’m shook. That was the easiest wedding I’ve booked in my life. I honestly didn’t think it could be that easy.”       - Kelsey, Photographer


Relax knowing that you've finally found the best option - a proven approach from an experienced sales pro. With The Complete Sales Experience, you'll learn from someone who's been there, done that. Successfully. And not just once. Over and over again. For hundreds of business owners in all markets, fields & levels of success.


Turn website visitors into wedding inquiries

Start The Complete Sales Experience today and improve the client experience (and your business) from the moment they hit your website.




Unlike other courses & workshops:

  • You won't need to fork over $2-5K to learn the skills necessary to improve your business
  • You won't need to book a plane ticket or find a roommate to share in the hotel expense
  • You won't need to clear your schedule to attend the class
  • You won't be bored to tears by a voice-over recording of a bunch of slides
  • Your notes won't collect dust on a shelf
  • You won't feel sales-y or slimy

Instead, start The Complete Sales Experience now and receive:

  • 8 hours of workshop-style video training
  • FREE downloads & quick reference guides
  • 6 months of continual coaching & "ask me anything" advice


When convincing prospects to buy from you...

Don't rely on "it worked for me" advice

Instead learn from a wedding sales expert, and join other event pros who are finding sales success every day while remaining true to their brand.

Start making your company's success more than just smoke & mirrors.


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"“Sam takes complex sales information and makes it easy to understand by walking people through it in simple terms. The how-tos he offers can be applied to the next sales meeting.”"

Julie Mead
VP of B2B Marketing for The Knot

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