The Complete Sales Experience

When you know how to provide the right information at the right time in the right way it's easier to book clients. Are you ready to get it right?



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Gain Confidence

Learn what couples are going through so you can influence with them easily

Sell Naturally

Get comfortable with the sales process and feel relaxed every step of the way

Focus Efforts

Stop guessing and know exactly how to move couples to the next stage with precise tactics

See the Whole Sales Experience

Big-Picture and Tactical How-Tos

The Buyer's Journey is the first in a three-part series that covers the entire sales experience. Altogether you get nearly eight hours of video instruction, deep dives, printable resources, and worksheet guides to follow along.

  1. Start off with the Buyer's Journey to get a better understanding of what your potential clients are going through when they pick vendors and how you can set yourself apart from others with you ability to connect and guide them.
  2. The second course digs in to practical how-tos in the early part of the buyer's journey. We'll focus on how to make your website generate more leads, what to do when someone inquires, and how to conduct a wildly successful discovery meeting.
  3. The final course walks you through step-by-step how to create a compelling proposal, get follow-ups with ease, and address buyer concerns without ever feeling like you're "selling."

When you combine the three courses, it's like a full-day workshop but broken up into bite-size pieces so you can digest it without exploding from information overload. Oh, and you get to keep the course to watch over and over and over again.

The Complete Sales Experience

If you want to stand out in a crowded marketplace, the most important tool you have is an extraordinary sales experience for potential clients. Only 1 in 10 wedding pros are doing things to make improvements. Are you better than the rest?

"Sam takes complex sales information and makes it easy to understand by walking people through it in simple terms. The how-tos he offers can be applied to the next sales meeting."

Julie Mead
VP B2B Marketing, The Knot

"The course was awesome! It was soooooo much information, I am going to watch it multiple times to really let it all sink in."

Steph Zakas

"My biggest takeaway is that all clients are different have have different paces during the sales experience."

Emilee Brown

"The navigation and clarity of the course was something that I really appreciated! And for me, it went a long way to making the course feel very manageable and not overwhelming."

Hannah Baldwin

Frequently Asked Questions

The Buyer's Journey is for anyone who's self-taught or hasn't received formal sales training in the wedding space.

Most of us rely on natural ability, luck, connections and charisma when it comes to sales. At some point we'll plateau or fizzle out with this approach.

If you're ready to learn a proven sales approach this is the place to start with a foundational understanding of buyer decision-making.

The Buyer's Journey is fundamental to every wedding pro in every field in every market at every level of success, from just getting started to luxury.

If you are a wedding planner just starting out or a photographer with several years' experience, you'll get expert insight into how you can meet buyers where they're at.

You get more than eight hours of information on the how wedding couples make decisions, what motivates them to choose a vendor, what scares them from selecting you, and how to communicate with all different buyer types.

This course will shatter your understanding of what the sales process can and should look like for your wedding couples. You'll see why and how you're scaring a lot of business away with awful strategies you've picked up over the years.

Watch at your convenience! The three courses take just over 8 hours if you watch straight through. It's broken up into sections so it can be watched in manageable chunks of time - convenient for your busy schedule.

No. The Buyer's Journey is the foundation for learning how to do extraordinary sales work. Most instructors offer short cuts that don't last and end up not working because you don't understand your buyer. 

This course is designed to help you learn your buyers and what they want so you can respond in any situation with what they need.

The Sales Experience courses are available after this course is successfully completed, and the pricing course is open to you after you complete both Sales Experience courses. 

Sam Jacobson teaches all sections of course and created all the resources you'll get. He's a business consultant and coach for wedding pros across the country and in all different fields for all levels of success, from just starting out to luxury. He's personally sold nearly $10mm to wedding couples who booked hundreds of events from him. He speaks across the country for conferences and workshops, and is a Knot Pro Educator.

Sam teaches through a traditional presentation method with him in front of the camera and a monitor by his side. It's like watching him at a live workshop.

Think you know what wedding couples want?

Not all couples are the same and they certainly don't want the same things from you at different stages in the buyer's journey. Do you know how to provide the right information at the right time in the right way?

"Sam presented a comprehensive strategy for how to capture a sale. His presentation flowed easily and provided easy take away points. I highly recommend him to other wedding groups and feel that his subject is valuable to anyone in the wedding business!"

Emily Campbell
BRIDES Best Wedding Planner, President of Colorado WIPA, 2019 The Knot Pro Educator

"Sam’s incredible insights and very practical knowledge has been invaluable. He has helped us shape a sales process that has been extremely successful in the luxury market."

James + Schulze
BRIDES Top Photographer

"Sam always offers a fresh perspective on the wedding industry with actionable strategies and practices that you can implement immediately."

Shannon Leahy
Top Wedding Planner and Designer by Harper’s Bazaar, BRIDES, and Martha Stewart

"Sam has the most amazing advice when it comes to pricing and creating a plan for revenue."

Sylvie Gil
Top Photographer BRIDES, Harper’s Bazaar, and Martha Stewart

"Sam and I talked about pricing and he gave me the tactics to book more business during non-peak periods. I’ve seen huge and immediate increases in revenues using his methods."

Eric Kelley
Top Photographer by Martha Stewart and Harper’s Bazaar

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